Reviews Autobiography of a Terrorist


Praise for Autobiography of a Terrorist...

“Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s biting and brutal new comedy, Autobiography of a Terrorist is a multi-layered, intellectually complex, and splendid piece of work.”

          —The Huffington Post

“This is a perfect demonstration of how cultural, and artistic, appropriation works.”

          —San Francisco Weekly

“…the symbolism of a pointedly political work gone awry takes aim at absolutist stances, including Sayrafiezadeh’s own.”

          —San Francisco Chronicle

“…an emotional, meaningful work with a twist.”

          —The Stanford Daily

“…disturbing in how aptly it captures how thin people’s veneer of tolerance can be, even — or rather especially — when they believe it to be genuine.”

          —Mercury News

“Sayrafiezadeh’s vulnerability is now manifesting itself off the page…”

          —Jewish News Weekly